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Professor Dr Loo Ka Hong

Time flies. It was over 20 years ago when I graduated from the Institute Sinaran, known as Tshung Tsin Pre-U at that time. Even today I can still remember clearly the lecturers and classmates who walked through the two years of study life at Tshung Tsin Pre-U with me. After completing my SPM, I was at the crossroad between choosing STPM and A-Level. I thanked my parents for choosing A-Level and Tshung Tsin Pre-U for me. Tshung Tsin Pre-U is a place that transformed my life, both personally and academically.

At Tshung Tsin Pre-U, I was educated by some of the most dedicated teachers who not only taught me technical knowledge but also opened up my mind, stimulated my interest and inquisitiveness in science, and drove me to the path of exploration of the unknown world. One of the greatest rewards that I harvested from my study at Tshung Tsin Pre-U is the realization that learning is not just about scoring high in examination. To me, the meaning of learning is in learning itself. Learning gives me joy, and that motivates me to learn more which in turns gives me greater joy. The loop just continues, but to start the loop you will need inspirations from good teachers, whom I found here in Tshung Tsin Pre-U.

The reputation of Tshung Tsin Pre-U had attracted many high-quality students from different parts of the State to study here. Certainly, that created a very competitive environment, but the degree of competition was just good enough to give us the self-motivation needed to learn better. More importantly, I felt that all students, stronger or weaker academically, were treated equally by all teachers. Consequently, despite the tremendous pressure from the A-Level examination, Tshung Tsin Pre-U had provided every student a friendly learning environment that favored the building of strong self-confidence and the delivery of his/her best performance. Whatever the final examination result was, I believe that the self-confidence and the attitude towards learning that all of us gained from the relatively short stay at Tshung Tsin Pre-U had certainly benefited us for the rest of our lives.

Each of the teachers and friends at Tshung Tsin Pre-U had left their marks in my life in their own unique and special ways. I would like to thank them for every lesson that they taught me and for every moment that they shared with me in those memorable days. As I become a university professor now, I keep reflecting on my Tshung Tsin Pre-U days and strive to educate my own students in the same way.


Godwin Lonjingau

I would like to thank the institute community for being given the chance to share this testimony about myexperience in Institute Sinaran. I studied Diploma in Commerce in Institute Sinaran for 2 years.I joined on May 2014 and graduate on the May 2016, during my time in IS, I made a lot of friends and teachers along the way.


I have to say is been an adventure for me to go through this 2 years of my life in IS, people always say that college life is a turning point before we go into adulthood and therefore we need to enjoy, study hard and have lots of fun during this period of time.  On the other hand, friends that I made there had also made an impact in my life which is because we have to go through this 2 years together, project and presentation that we do together in different groups definitely increased our chemistry among us, sometimes we might also hang out during holiday and celebrate each other's birthday, we also go into prom night or other event such as Environmental day, sports day and etc which is extremely fun and exciting as we took part all this activities as a group and friends there.  All this memory will always be a part of me as an ex student in IS. Nevertheless, lectures in IS also became a part of me, as I walked down memory lane,


I will always think of them and their contribution to us students for thier dedication teachings and endless support, they had been there for us during our struggling moment, happy, sad and other emotion that we shared together as lecturers and students which will heavily imprint in my heart as we go through the 2 years together where we finally graduate and take on the next challenge in life whether is continuing studies or work.


As for me, I will always be proud of being a "Sinarian" and will share my experience during my time in IS to my friends and families about the adventure here I been through, to others who seek further studies after high school or etc, I will heavily recommend to join Institute Sinaran to be part of this amazing family where exciting adventures awaits for you to discover.


Nicole Chok Pei Ying 

Nicole Chok Pei Ying scored 4A* in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination and has been offered a partial scholarship to study Accounting & Finance at University of Melbourne.

Her most memorable moments here at Institut Sinaran are filled with the lecturers & awesome friends.

University of Melbourne, Australia

EX-SM All Saints


Terry Tan Jun Kai

Terry Tan Jun Kai scored 4A* in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination and was accepted to Penang Medical College to pursue Medicine.

"Institut Sinaran has very helpful lecturers, well equipped facilities & it’s closer to home." His secret of success was don't be too stressed.

Penang Medical College

EX-SM Kian Kok


Regina Goh Chin Lyn

Regina Goh Chin Lyn scored 4A* in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination and was accepted to University of Warwick, UK to major in Mathematics.

"The lectures at Institut Sinaran are very experience & they are willing to help whenever I face a problem in my studies".

Warwick University, UK

EX- SM St.Francis Convent


Ryan Voo Jay Leong

Ryan Voo Jay Leong scored 4A* in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination and was accepted to University of Cambridge to pursue Engineering.

"Institut Sinaran has very experienced lecturers & well equipped facilities. Besides that, the extra-curricular activities and events were fun & memorable.

University of Cambridge, UK

EX-SM Tshung Tsin 


Carmen Chung Ka Vun

Carmen Chung Ka Vun scored 4A* in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination and was accepted to Monash University Australia to study pharmacy.

"Studying at Institut Sinaran is as good as studying overseas. The lecturers are very dedicated, experienced & friendly. Besides that, I have very supportive friends who always encouraged me during my course of study.

Monash University, Australia

EX-SM Tshung Tsin


Kallpana A/P Ghandi Dhas

Kallpana A/P Ghandi Dhas scored 3A* and 1A in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination & is currently pursuing Medicine at Newcastle, UK.

"I had the home advantage so all i had to do was study - no cooking, cleaning and etc. The lectures were very friendly and helpful too. Institut Sinaran also gave me the opportunity to be part of the Student Council which helped me to improve & grow in many aspects."

University of Newcastle, UK

EX- SM All Saints


Chong Jia Cheng

Chong Jia Cheng scored 3A* and 1A in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination, also a recipient of Anugerah Biasiswa Cemerlang Negeri Sabah 2014 was accepted to University of Manchester, UK for Medicine. 

He credits the helpful and caring lectures, parents, friends coupled with his efforts and determination of doing past year papers for his excellent achievement.


"Hardwork = Success"

Manchester University, UK

EX-SM Lok Yuk 


Alyssandra Danielle Teh

Alyssandra Danielle Teh scored 3A* and 1A in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination and is currently pursuing Medicine in Penang Medical College.

"Institut Sinaran supplies us with the basic recipe for success. IS provides us affordable education and has an excellent track record every year. IS opens up many opportunities for every student and most importantly, it is closer to home."

Penang Medical College

EX-SM St.Francis Convent


Joleen Yong

Joleen Yong scored 2A* and 2A in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination and is currently pursuing Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt UM.

"The lectures are very experienced and nice. Fellow students were cool  and Institut Sinaran has excellent facilities."

Heriot - Watt UM

EX- SM All Saints


Hector Lo

Hector Lo scored excellent results in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination & currently is pursuing Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at University of Sydney.

"I believe Institut Sinaran really is a place where you can show your full potential without any peer pressure! The lecturers are very experienced and are helpful and at the same time fun and friendly to share things with."

University of Sydney, Australia

EX- SM Tshung Tsin

BenittaBenjamin _edited.jpg

Benitta Benjamin

Benitta Benjamin scored excellent results in the recent Cambridge A-Level Examination & currently is pursuing pharmacy at University of Nottingham.

"All the lecturers are very helpful & friendly, always there to lend a helping hand. The environment is suitable for me to study as all my peers are supportive. I truly did not regret enrolling into Institut SInaran."

University of Nottingham, UK

EX-SM KK High School

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