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Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering Technology 

A Professional & Applied Technology Programme



Credits in THREE (3) subjects

  • including Mathematics;

  • at least one relevant science / technical / vocational subject

AND a pass in English

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Hands-on Programme

Entry into different industries

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About the programme:

Engineering Technology programmes are application-oriented and provide qualitative introduction to Engineering Fundamentals and Applied Sciences.


Engineering programmes focus on theory and design whereas, Engineering Technology programmes specialize in application and implementation.


It follows that in Engineering programmes, students are expected to use higher levels of math and theoretical science while Engineering Technology programmes tend to put greater emphasis on hands-on laboratory skills.


In Engineering programes, you spend time learning theories and learn how to develop new methods to use in solving problems, whereas in Engineering Technology Programmes, the emphasis is on applying current practices to solve specific technical problems.

Mechatronics engineering is focused on the design of automated machinery.
It is the junction of three separate disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

The French standard NF E 01-010 (2008) defines Mechatronics as an "approach to the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, automation and computing in the design and manufacture of a product to increase and / or optimize its functionality".


Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mechanics - Statics

Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics

Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing

Basic Circuit Theory

Digital Electronics

Analogue Electronics

Fundamentals of Motors & Drives

CAD/CAM/CNC & Rapid Prototyping

Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation

Embedded Microcontroller System Design

Material Sciences & Engineering

Interactive Full Stack Web Application Development

Introduction to Programming in C Language

Fundamentals of Database Design & Security

Introduction to Python & Machine Learning

Project Management

Engineering Capstone Project

Contemporary Technology Today

Industrial Internship

Focus Area:

Student will have the opportunity to focus their practicals, projects and Internship to a chosen application area in Mechatronics which can be in:

  • IR 4.0 Manufacturing Automation,

  • Drone Technology with Commercial Applications in industry and Agriculture,

  • EV and Sustainable Energy Technology and

  • Mechatronics gadgets creation.

Soft Skills:


Business Communication

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Critical Thinking Skills

Industrial Exposure:

Practicals from several modules will be conducted at various industry factory sites using current Materials Testing Equipments, Quality Assurance Testing, Manufacturing CNC Machines, EV Platforms, Instrumentation and Hands-on Drone Technology; Remote UAV Pilot Skills, Site Terrain Survey Mapping and Agricultural Applications.  

Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT)
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